Panel: The Representativeness of Women in Leadership

04/Oct/2019 - Happy Hour

On October 31, 2019, SWISSCAM organized at the Hilton Hotel an event to discuss the panorama of women in the job market. We had the opportunity to know the stories of six amazing women who have reached the top of their professional careers. They shared with us their views on: “Women’s Representativeness in Leadership Positions.”

Andrea Schwarz, CEO of iigual Inclusion and Diversity, Carla Assumpção, Managing Director of Swarovski Brazil, Stephanie Humpert, Marketing Director of L’Oréal Brazil, Tania Moura, Vice President of ABPRH – Brazilian Association of HR Professionals, Zeina Latif, Chief Economist of XP Investimentos and Maria Eduarda Bomfim, Reinsurance President of THB Re.

Economist Zeina Latif stressed the role of the Human Resources sector in getting more women into the job market. “HR has to be prepared to interview women and be more open to meeting them in the business environment. Research shows that women-run companies perform better. ”

Tânia Moura highlighted the current situation of the labor market, which she says is going through a transition phase. “Today we have new generations in the same workspace, who naturally see women in leadership positions, but we still have an older generation who are more reluctant to accept women in prominent positions. Better communication between these two generations is needed.”

Stephanie Humpert paid a beautiful tribute to her parents in the audience and highlighted the importance of having family support to advance her career. “My inspiration comes from home. My mother is my greatest example to me.”

Maria Eduarda Bomfim shared a personal experience by saying that she had previously been afraid of becoming pregnant: “I was doing very well in my career, I was quickly able to hold responsible positions, so I was postponing motherhood for fear of disrupting this trajectory. Later I had the courage and got pregnant. Today, I see how silly I was. It is possible to take on multitasking. Being a mother, assuming positions of trust, having hobbies, finally dedicating oneself to things other than work.”

Andrea Schwarz’s testimony was one of the most thrilling of the event, she told us how she became a wheelchair overnight and the perseverance she had to move on. She believes fate has made her begin to help people with disabilities. “The corporate PCD quota law was a breakthrough, but it is not always enforced, so the fight is constant. Even if it were fully implemented, it would still not be sufficient to employ all persons with disabilities. ”

Carla Assumpção shared with the audience that to achieve her success it was essential to enjoy her work. “I admire a lot of what I sell, it facilitated my ascent. I believe in the quality and history of Swarovski. For me, it was crucial to know the company’s headquarter, as well as the history of the brand and its purpose.”

We noticed that each guest shared a different trajectory, but all had two things in common: purpose and competence. These two traits raise any woman’s self-esteem and get them where they want to go.

After the presentations we had a delicious and relaxed happy hour, in which our associates and guests had the opportunity to continue exchanging ideas and networking.

SWISSCAM feels privileged to be able to contribute daily to the empowerment of women in the labor market. Indeed, we receive many women in our lectures, courses and events.

We look forward to participating in many other initiatives to promote inclusion and equity.

We appreciate the support of Gold members: ABB, Clariant, Curaprox, Atlas Schindler, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Nestle, Novartis, Philip Morris, Roche, Syngenta and Zurich.

Special thanks to Curaprox, who offered us Swiss Smile toothbrushes with crystals, and Nestlé, who gave us fine Les Recettes de l’Atelier chocolates and Nescafé Gold products.

Photos: Carolina Luz