We are always thinking about promoting events so that our members can network with strategic people, such as CEOs, high-level executives, government officials and diplomats. Our associates have major opportunities to develop their business during our events.

We organize events according to the category and the needs of each member. Among them are: the “Swiss National Day”, at the residence of the Consul General of Switzerland  in São Paulo, the “Petit Comité” with the CEOs of the main companies, besides the “Presidents’ Club”, where the chairmen of the largest Swiss companies in Brazil meet at the end of the year. We also organize official missions and meetings with Brazilian and Swiss officials.

In addition to these events, we hold lectures, seminars, courses and webinars. For those living outside of São Paulo or who cannot visit our headquarters, our lecture videos are also available in the restricted area.

To keep members updated on current trends and to deepen relevant content, SWISSCAM holds monthly meetings of eight committees in the Legal, Human Resources, Communication and Marketing, Sustainability, Financial and Economic, Supply Chain, Innovation and Tax and Accounting areas. Participation is free for members.

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Communication and Marketing Committee

Meeting of professionals working in the sector of various companies to discuss the most current topics, trends and how to deal with social networks.

Financial and Economic Committee

Renowned speakers update members and discuss solutions to the obstacles companies face in this topic.

Innovation Committee

Considered for several consecutive years the most innovative nation in the world, Switzerland in this theme has much to contribute to Brazil. We propose topics related to new technologies, disruptive ideas, changing concepts, business opportunities.

Legal Committee

The group meets every last Friday of the month to discuss the most diverse subjects in the legal area. They also carry out projects such as the Doing Business in Brazil guide and the Legal Seminar and Business Breakfast events.

Human Resources Committee

It presents interesting practices, methods and concepts, as well as success stories, to human resources professionals and other stakeholders. Bring your contribution.

Supply Chain Committee

In a country where infrastructure and logistics are still a big challenge, debating this issue is critical in business.

Sustainability Committee

The purpose of this committee is to bring alternatives to more sustainable processes, new laws, trends and opportunities in this sector.

Tax and Accounting Committee

The multidisciplinary group aims to bring current and relevant guidelines in the tax and accounting areas, in an environment where companies can share their challenges and advances.


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