One of the biggest advantages of this service is that any company taking part in an event at the Swiss exhibition areas need not worry about a thing. Just bring your promotional material and equipment you need to set up one day before the event begins (sometimes even on the day of the fair).


The entire planning, space rental, stand assembly and décor, hiring services from cleaning to catering are handled by the SWISSCAM. Fixed costs are shared among six to eight companies – the average number of companies taking part in the Swiss pavilions – therefore, the costs are lower for each company.


Additionally, promotional activities will be conducted for each event. A welcome cocktail reception is offered on the opening day of each event to Swiss displayers and their clients.


The main purpose of these pavilions is to strengthen the “Swiss” brand in the many industrial sectors. Both the public as well as the press corps have always shown interest in learning more about what Swiss industry has to offer, since this brand has a solid reputation for excellent quality and reliability.

Trade fairs SWISSCAM has already participated with a Swiss Pavilion: