Events - Third Party Events

08/Nov - Third Party Events
South America: Brazil after the election – safe haven?

Rödl & Partner invite you to participate in this English-speaking mega event with a panel of experts in different areas...

18/Feb - Third Party Events
Zwischen zwei Heimaten – Entre duas pátrias

25/Oct - Eventos de terceiros, Third Party Events
Advanced Process Data Analytics Course – DataHowAG (October)

12/Aug - Eventos de terceiros, Third Party Events
ProGlobal 2021 online Business Meetings

22/Jun - Third Party Events
Invest in Brasil Infrastructure – Roads Edition

Strategic event in attracting investments from Apex-Brasil with a focus on promoting the most diverse infrastructure opportunities in the country

03/Jun - Third Party Events
Women in Coffee Business Round

Business round organized by UN Women and the International Coffee Women Alliance (IWCA) with coffee producers in Brazil, Jamaica and Costa Rica

27/May - Third Party Events
Latin America Day

Webinar organized by LATCAM, includes an analysis of the economic and financial market, an analysis of the impact of the pandemic COVID-19, two company testimon

19/May - Third Party Events
Brazil Medtech Webinar

Switzerland Global Enterprise and Swiss Business Hub Brazil organize webinar on trends and opportunities in the Medtech sector in Brazil

06/May - Third Party Events
Agriculture Technology in Brazil

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) webinar presents opportunities for Swiss SMEs

22/Mar - Third Party Events
TechMakers Brazil & Switzerland

How about joining the 2nd edition of TechMakers Brazil - Switzerland and developing a new solution with a Brazilian partner?