02/Jul - SWISSCAM -
Promotion of new members

Meet the latest members of SWISSCAM.

02/Jul - Associated, SWISSCAM -
Swiss companies in LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

In order to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, check out actions to promote inclusion and diversity from SWISSCAM members

09/Jun - Associated - Virgínia Haag
Valuable tips for successful global interviews

For those who want to reach Regional or Global Positions and need to be prepared for a set of interviews, I would like to give some tips for your preparation...

29/Apr - Economy -
Comprehensive Medtech Guide for Swiss SME’s in Latin America’s Largest Market

Swiss Business Hub Sao Paulo recently published the Brazil Medtech Report, which highlights trends, business opportunities and initiatives

27/Apr - SWISSCAM -
SWISSCAM in digital media in 2020/2021

See our infographic with some numbers of our performance in digital media in 2020 and early 2021, including webinars, LinkedIn page, website ..

25/Mar - Cultura e social, SWISSCAM -
Volunteer action in São Paulo against coronavirus

The Cidade Solidária program is an initiative of the São Paulo City Hall and several organized civil society entities to help people in situations of extreme...

08/Mar - SWISSCAM -
Promotion of new members

Meet the latest members of SWISSCAM.

08/Mar - Economy -
Brazilian Senate approves agreement with Switzerland to eliminate double taxation

The Brazilian Senate approved on February 24th agreements signed by Brazil with Singapore, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates to eliminate double taxation

02/Mar - Economy -
Second Call for innovative projects between Switzerland and Brazil

EMBRAPII and Innosuisse open international cooperation call to unite companies from both countries in joint innovation projects