Volunteer action in São Paulo against coronavirus

25/Mar/2021 - Cultura e social, SWISSCAM -

SWISSCAM was contacted by Ambassador Débora Barenboim-Salej, current Municipal Deputy Secretary of International Relations of the Municipality of São Paulo, with a request for collaboration in a campaign to collect non-perishable food and, alternatively, financial resources, in the face of the current health crisis that ravages the country.

In fact, the city of São Paulo has never been in a similar situation, with so many people in a state of need and, despite the strong engagement of society, with the worsening of the crisis, contributions have plummeted.

We know that the crisis is affecting all sectors, but if your company is able and wants to help the most needy population at the moment, this is undoubtedly a good route. Through the Cidade Solidária (City of Solidarity) program of the City of São Paulo, your company has the option to:

1- Deposit money directly into the program’s bank account;
2- Donate basic food baskets or;
3- Donate any food that is part of the basic basket.

Click here to see the release (Portuguese language) prepared by the Municipality of São Paulo with all the information about the program, in addition to the list of items in the basic food basket and the addresses of the donation points, which are spread throughout all regions of São Paulo.

If your company needs more information, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team is at your entire disposal.

Thank you in advance for your attention! Take care!