01/Jul - Economy -
International Mint Bidding

Brazil's Mint periodically holds bids for the provision of services and the supply of the most diverse materials and equipment.

24/May - Associated, Economy - Elevadores Atlas Schindler Ltda.
Atlas Schindler strengthens operations in the Americas with a new Test Tower in Londrina (PR)

The project includes the largest test tower in the Americas, with approximately 150 meters high and 17 simultaneous installations for carrying out tests...

06/May - Economy -
In Switzerland, Ministry of Agriculture reinforces dialogue on sustainable practices adopted by Brazilian agriculture

Mission of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) includes visits to government agencies, universities and companies with...

26/Apr - Economy -
Installed Brazil-Swiss Confederation parliamentary group

The commission, composed of 13 parliamentarians, aims to encourage and develop bilateral relations between the legislative branch of both countries

29/Apr - Economy -
Comprehensive Medtech Guide for Swiss SME’s in Latin America’s Largest Market

Swiss Business Hub Sao Paulo recently published the Brazil Medtech Report, which highlights trends, business opportunities and initiatives

08/Mar - Economy -
Brazilian Senate approves agreement with Switzerland to eliminate double taxation

The Brazilian Senate approved on February 24th agreements signed by Brazil with Singapore, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates to eliminate double taxation

02/Mar - Economy -
Second Call for innovative projects between Switzerland and Brazil

EMBRAPII and Innosuisse open international cooperation call to unite companies from both countries in joint innovation projects

31/Mar - Economy, SWISSCAM -
Update: Innosuisse – EMBRAPII call for proposals 2020

The funding organisations will select proposals for joint innovation projects between Brazilian and Swiss companies. New submission deadline is May 20, 2020

05/Mar - Economy -
Update: Switzerland and Brazil double taxation agreement

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved on March 5 the agreement with Switzerland to eliminate double taxation of income. The document was sent to Senate

07/Dec - Economy -
Brazil Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approves open skies agreement with Switzerland

The aim of the agreement, according to the government, is to establish a legal framework for the air services operation between the two countries...