Projeto REDD+ no Amazonas

06/dez/2022 - SWISSCAM -


REDD+ Santa Natalia project objectives

• Protect 48,000 hectares in the Amazon rainforest in Apuí/AM for 30 Years. This private
area will be protected against deforestation, keep it safe from illegal miners, lodging,
hunting, farming and any other activities that may harm the environment.

• Generate official and certified carbon credits (i.e. VCUs) through a REDD+ AUD Project
certified and issued by VERRA. Credits issued will reward landowners and will support
local communities in Apuí and Colniza. • The REDD+ Project will be developed by Ecosecurities a multinational company based in Switzerland
specialized in nature based solutions. Ecosecurities has partnered with CPS in Brazil for this project.

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Prepared by Christiano Dorsa Garcia (CEO of CPS Climate Protection)
[email protected]
+ 55 11 9 4178 2670