The SWISSCAM team is engaged and keep working to support you during COVID-19 crisis

08/Apr/2020 - SWISSCAM -

How can SWISSCAM help your company in this time of crisis?

The SWISSCAM team has not stopped working. Our digital platforms allow members to continue promoting their products and services until the crisis is over. You can publish articles, news and videos; promote webinars and courses (in partnership with SWISSCAM or independent); send campaigns and offer discounts on products and services for the members.

Dissemination tools:




Your company can post articles, videos and files in the News section and in your member page. You also have space in the Agenda to promote your event/webinar.




This channel is exclusive for Gold and Silver members, but during COVID-19 crisis, we offer the opportunity for other members to promote interesting content, subject to our analysis.




The newsletter is open to all members who want to share articles, videos and other materials with important information to face the pandemic period.

Participate and use your expertise to help other companies operations in this difficult time.

Contact us at [email protected] and send your contribution.


SWISSCAM webinars


In order to continue our activities in the Events area and to keep our associates always updated on subjects related to COVID-19 and its impact on Brazilian companies, SWISSCAM will promote a series of webinars with relevant speakers (Portuguese language).

Check the agenda here for the upcoming webinars and register! It’s exclusive for SWISSCAM members.


Live on Youtube


We can organize lives and special lectures and videos at SWISSCAM YouTube channel. Send your suggestion and contribution to [email protected].

Remember that you can access several lectures only through the member area on our website.



This benefit is free of charge for Gold members, but during COVID-19 crisis, we can examine the possibility of sending an email campaign to our mailing list. Please contact [email protected].


Podcast on Spotify


Our podcast channel can host your interview and other audio files. Please contact [email protected].


Our team is ready to answer your questions by phone 55 (11) 5641-1230 or via whatsapp 55 (11) 93427-1275.