Zwischen zwei Heimaten – Entre duas pátrias

09/Feb/2022 - Third Party Events

Two homelands, two themes, a series of exhibitions

The BRASILEA Foundation opens on Friday, February 18, 2022 the series of exhibitions Zwischen zwei Heimaten – Between two homelands. It tells the story of our founder Walter Wüthrich, addresses the multifaceted relations between Switzerland and Brazil and, at the same time, dialogues with current issues.

In this series of four exhibitions, BRASILEA founder Walter Wüthrich accompanies visitors on an adventure in 1939, the year of his emigration: It begins in Basel shortly before the outbreak of World War II and continues on a ship trip to Brazil, which is experiencing an enormous economic and cultural expansion under the government of Getúlio Vargas. The history of migration between Switzerland and Brazil will also be the subject of the exhibition, such as the great wave of Swiss emigration to Brazil in the 19th century and the current migration of Brazilians to Switzerland. Testimonials from Brazilians living in Switzerland will be released, as well as famous ones such as FC Basel player Arthur Cabral.

BRASILEA presents for the first time an exhibition based on historical and biographical research. Zwischen zwei Heimaten – Between two homelands is for everyone, especially for people who feel that they belong to more than one place: Switzerland, Brazil or anywhere else in the world. The exhibition and impresses with large format images, videos, audio files and interactive elements for all ages.


Zwischen zwei Heimaten – Between two homelands

Exhibition I – Migration

Friday, February 18, 2022, from 7 pm

Free entry, Mandatory registration: [email protected]

*The event will respect the rules of the Federal Public Health Service (BAG). Admission only with 2G and masks.

Opening hours:

Sundays 11:00-16:00h or by appointment Admission: 10 CHF / 7 CHF (half-price).

Other events such as book presentations, movie nights and concerts also belong to the exhibition programme. All information about will be published on our website

The first exhibition Zwischen zwei Heimaten – Between two homelands is supported by the “Christoph Merian Stiftung” Foundation, the Brazilian Embassy in Bern and the “Dialog zwischen Kirchen, Religionen und Kulturen” Foundation.

More information:

Tatiana Vieira: 061 262 39 39 / [email protected]