Workshop: “Germoglio” – A hydroponic starter system for everybody’s kitchen

03/Feb/2021 - Third Party Events

A Virtual Hydroponics Workshop with Antonio Scarponi (Conceptual Devices, Designer based in Zurich), in cooperation with Suissa22, SP/Brazil, starting on 6th February to 20th March (4 sessions à 2 hours)

In 4 sessions over the course of 6 weeks, Antonio Scarponi will guide a small group through the principles of hydroponics and show you «Germoglio», a simple system designed to grow plants in your own home. During the course of the workshop you will share your experiences and be assisted in how to overcome possible challenges. The necessary tools and equipment will be introduced to encourage you to continue growing your own vegetables and increase the production scale if you wish.

Even though we can’t meet due to the current situation, the course will conclude with a virtual shared meal made with the vegetables that we grew and recipe exchange.

Expected Results

> Cultivation and construction of «Germoglio»:a hydroponic starter kit method, up to the first harvest of herbs/salads/vegetables – saving up to 90% of water compared to traditional farming, growing more plants in less space with (almost) no maintenance.

> Knowledge and inspiration to continue further with one’s own home gardening, within a network of contacts for further exchange of experience, for questions and further development.

> Exchange of experience from different sites and between participants in different places.

«Germoglio» format

4 live online sessions, connected to Suissa 22 in SP/Brazil and Conceptual Device in Zurich/Switzerland. The sessions will include a follow-up on the activities carried out together, making sure the method is working and assisting with questions or challenges that can arise when growing hydroponics at home.

Language: English / Brazilian Portuguese

Dates and times
Sat 6.2.2021 / Sat. 20.02.2021 / Sat 6.3.2021 / Sat 20.03.2021
From 8-10 h Brazil time – (12-14 h CET/Zurich time)

The recommended price for Brazil is R$ 300; for participants from Europe/outside Brazil CHF 200.

As the project is privately funded, additional contributions are also welcome.
Also, if you wish to participate but the cost is too high please contact us, we will try to find a solution!

Registration per e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:
– Name / Address / Phone / e-mail
– Preferred way of payment (credit card/bank transfer/twint)
– Do you have any previous experience with hydroponics (not required)? and/or any specific interest or expectations?

«Germoglio» Team: 

Antonio Scarponi (@scarponio) is an Italian architect, designer, educator and entrepreneur. His mission is to change the way we make change. Founder of the Zurich based office Conceptual Devices (, he conceives art, design and architecture as a cultural tool for social transformation. He is the author of ELIOOO, a book about using IKEA parts to build a device to grow food at home using hydroponics. His projects take cultural ‚mediations‘ that engage communities, industries, agencies and municipalities. He is widely active in the field of resilient urban strategies with a strong focus on urban agriculture.

He studied at Cooper Union, New York and IUAV, Venice, from which he holds a PhD in Urban Design. Currently teaching at the Zurich University of the Arts, he is also a senior researcher at the Zurich Center for Creative Economies.

He represented Italy at the XV Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016. He received several international prizes and awards, and among others, he received the Curry Stone Design Award, awarding social design pioneers in 2008.

Sophie Mauch works in cultural education, communication and storytelling. Her focus is on learning across cultures and across times, enhancing understanding and learning, and integrating new practices that enable a connected and meaningful living together.

She speaks several languages and has worked with refugees, organized international business conferences, teaching as well as in the publishing and media industry, before starting her own company active in cultural mediation and communication. Based in Switzerland, she works in close connection to different parts of the world and currently spends part of her time in Brazil.