SWISSCAM WEBINAR – Disrupting your company

19/Mar/2021 - Webinar, Webinário

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded business leaders of two worrying aspects: assumptions and practices must be continually reexamined, and existential threats can arise at any time. The crisis will pass, but the ramifications will affect the economy for years.

How can companies create strategies after recognizing the limitations of long-term planning in an unpredictable world? The answer may seem strange, but planning the future of a business consists of destroying your company and then reinventing it.

In this webinar will be presented:

– threats capable of disrupting companies
– questions of prevalent mentalities and values and survey of the main global trends
– strategic priorities and how they should be put into practice

To make the meeting more dynamic and promote networking among the participants, audio and video will be enabled in this lecture.



Luis Rasquilha

CEO da Inova Consulting

Pedro Nascimento

CEO da Qura e Publisher das revistas MIT Sloan Review Brasil e HSM Management


Informações do Webinar:

Data: 16 de abril de 2021

Horário: das 09h00 às 10h00

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