SWISSCAM PANEL – Diversity & Inclusion

08/Nov/2021 -

For the fourth consecutive year, specialists from different fields have integrated our online panel on October 15th to share stories and actions highlighting the importance of talking about the subject of diversity and inclusion in companies and in our daily lives, always with great respect and reception.

Andrea Hercowitz, pediatrician and hebiatrician at Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital has shared some of her personal experiences, which has motivated her to act on the field of gender identity and sexual orientation. Dr. Andrea has highlighted the importance of addressing this topic since an early age at home, in order that the individual feels accepted and welcomed for who it is, since that “sexual orientation and gender identity are self-assigned.”

Lucia Lisboa, vice president of Fine Fragrances Latin America from Givaudan, has acted in diversity mentoring programs in Latin America and brought her point of view from a corporative perspective. Lucia highlighted that, within Givaudan’s actions, one common ground when approaching the subject of inclusion: be open to listen and learn. “What we have ahead of us is very nice, but we need to have awareness in order to work and open space so that all may feel included and have opportunities to discuss and speak.”

Sandro Pinto, responsible for the human resources field for the seed business at Syngenta in Latin America, talked about the relevance of the inclusion cornerstone as business strategy, strengthening as a theme and so on, reassuring that the contributors be who they are in the work environment.

Márcia Rocha, founder of Transempregos Project, biggest database for transexuals in Brazil, has closed the event sharing her trajectory as a trans woman. Márcia talked about the challenges that the community still faces in the job market, like prejudices and the stigmas at a job interview and the unfamiliarity of these people’s academic competence, which only reinforces the need to counter the prejudice with quality information for a greater self-awareness form all. “Diversity is beautiful, and it is good for business.”

SWISSCAM thanks all the people for sharing their experiences with us. We also thank our gold members, main supporters of this event: ABB, Clariant, Curaprox, Elevadores Atlas Schindler, Nestlé, Novartis, MSC, Philip Morris, Roche, Syngenta e Zurich Seguros. A special thanks to the coordinator of the human resources’ committee, Dr. Maria Lúcia Gadotti and the moderator Tania Moura, people management specialist.

Let’s keep celebrating our differences together!