Online Discussion Group – The Challenges and Benefits of Corporate Sustainability

06/Aug/2020 - Discussion Group

On August 28, 2020, SWISSCAM promoted a discussion group to talk about the “Challenges and Benefits of Corporate Sustainability”. The event was chaired by Ana Cristina Moeri, President-Director of Instituto Ekos Brasil and Coordinator of the Sustainability Committee of SWISSCAM.

This was an opportunity for members to discuss among themselves which sustainability actions are being put into practice in their companies. Representatives of the following companies were present: Roche, Syngenta, Clariant, Ferring Laboratories, Chiarottino and Nicolleti Advogados, Ceptis, MAM Babyartikel, ABB, Pacheco Neto Sanden Teisseire Advogados, SP Law Advogados and Reiche & De-Massari Comércio e Indústria.

The participants mentioned several times that the corporate world has changed its way of dealing with sustainability in the last 20, 15 years. According to them, currently, companies are already understanding that the main challenge is to make sustainable business models. Finally, the environmental issue is being treated with the same value as other matters considered essential for business.

Ana Cristina reinforced this point: “Before, sustainability initiatives were more linked to the marketing area and today this has changed. Developing sustainable action plans goes beyond the brand’s reputation. ”

Lawyer Pedro Carneiro, from SP Law, emphasized that currently companies think about environmental risks and how it can harm business. “The risk is first thought, then, based on science, the justifications are presented, then this concern reaches the legal department and then the finance department.”

Paulo Itapura, LATAM Head of Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs at Clariant, said that the important thing is to anticipate risks. “Before launching a product, we need to think about the raw materials we are going to use, how it will be packaged and what the possible damage to the environment will be”. He also gave an important tip: “Nothing is done alone in this area of ​​sustainability. It is necessary to talk to regulatory agencies, business partners and even other companies. It is easier to find the best solution together. ”

Alexandre Seraphim, CEO of Laboratórios Ferring, emphasized that small projects can also generate great results. “By implementing small sustainable action projects in your company, as a simple incentive to recycle cups, you can create a wide network of engagement. The employees end up engaging, then taking the cause into the house and their families end up spreading the idea around the neighborhood. ”

The companies Roche, MAM Babyartikel and Ceptis also shared links with participants on social and environmental actions that they implemented.

Through this discussion group, we realized that we are getting closer to having a society with more demanding consumers and companies aware of their environmental and social responsibility. Due to the great interest in this event, SWISSCAM should soon organize another discussion group with this theme.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Those who did not participate, do not miss the next opportunity.