SWISSCAM activities review during COVID-19 pandemic

08/May/2020 - SWISSCAM -

As in the rest of the world, Brazil was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the SWISSCAM team also had to adapt to this new reality. Since March 16, our employees have been working remotely and our face-to-face events have also been canceled. However, we quickly reinvented ourselves and restructured our projects, intensifying our activities in the digital environment.

Excerpt from SWISSCAM Webinar with Pezco Economics, held on April 22nd (Language: Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitle).


Although we are physically far away, we are still more present in the daily lives of our associates, offering help to face this crisis. Now, our associates who live outside of São Paulo and Brazil can not only follow, but also participate in all activities on digital platforms.

We offer the following platforms:

• SWISSCAM website
• LinkedIn page
• SWISSCAM-COVID19 Daily Special Bulletin
• SWISSCAM webinars
• Live on Youtube
• Mailing (more than 2 thousand contacts in our database)
• Podcast channel on Spotify

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have held 28 webinars, with a total audience of 978 people. Through these online events, with specialists from different areas, our associates have the opportunity to clarify doubts about the consequences of the pandemic and the preparation for the resumption of activities. All webinars are recorded and available in the members area of ​​our website.

In addition, we send the SWISSCAM-COVID19 Special Bulletin daily, with the most relevant information on the measures adopted by the government, new ideas to overcome the crisis, webinar agenda, course options, social campaigns etc. We are already in our 44th edition. Subscribe! Send a message to [email protected] or go to our online form at the bottom of the page.

Our digital platforms are also being an excellent way to promote the services, products, and discounts offered by member companies. We make available our website and mailing.

We express our sincere thanks to the members of SWISSCAM, who are actively participating in our activities in this moment of crisis, but also of unity and solidarity.

You can count on us!