New edition of the brochure «The Swiss Tax System»

22/Jun/2017 - Economy -
Federal Tax Administration FTA
Governo suíço lança publicação em inglês pela primeira vez para orientar estrangeiros e inclui as mudanças mais recentes nos níveis federal e cantonal


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The publication «The Swiss Tax System» is released for the first time in the English language. It explains the functioning of the Swiss tax system and also mentions the most recent changes on the federal and cantonal levels.

The English version particularly addresses taxpayers of foreign nationalities that are unfamiliar with the Swiss tax system. In addition to an overview of the taxes levied by the Confederation, the cantons and communes, it also goes into detail concerning cantonal specialties.

Furthermore, subject matters of current importance, such as the corporate tax reform and changes regarding the VAT tax-rates are addressed.

«The Swiss Tax System» is issued by the Swiss Tax Conference, the coalition of the cantonal tax administrations and the FTA.

Available in German, French, Italian and English, the brochure can be ordered in hardcopy form at > General > Tax Information > Specialist information > The Swiss Tax System > order publication.

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The “Swiss Tax System” is also accessible online: > General > Tax Information > Specialist information > Swiss Tax System