Guide Launch: How to export to Switzerland

15/Dec/2023 - SWISSCAM -

We are delighted to announce the launch of the guide “How to Export to Switzerland”, the result of a partnership between SWISSCAM and the Brazilian Embassy in Bern, in the context of promoting trade relations between Brazil and Switzerland.

The guide is part of the “How to Export” series, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes publications on various countries to support Brazilian exporters and promote foreign trade.

This edition covers the following topics in its more than 90 pages, in a practical way and with accessible language:

1) General aspects;

2) Economy, currency and finance;

3) Foreign trade;

4) Brazil-Switzerland economic and trade relations;

5) Market access;

6) Transport infrastructure;

7) Marketing structure;

8) Recommendations for Brazilian companies.

Interested parties can access the publication on the SWISSCAM website or via the Brazilian government’s website.

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