Swiss delegation events in Brazil

05/Apr/2022 - SWISSCAM -

SWISSCAM supports initiatives by the Swiss delegation comprising the Embassy, Consulate General, Swiss Business Hub and Swissnex in a Roadshow held in Curitiba and a panel in São Paulo with the participation of the CEO of Switzerland Global Enterprise Simone Wyss.

Panel: Success Stories of Swiss Companies in Brazil

Success stories of Swiss companies in Brazil was the focus of a panel discussion followed by a networking cocktail. The Consul General of Switzerland in São Paulo, Pierre Hagmann, opened the doors of his residence to welcome the CEOs of more than 40 Swiss companies, among them Amaro, Elevadores Atlas Schindler, Clariant, Geistlich Pharma AG, Lindt & Sprüngli, Novartis, Roche, ROLEX, Swiss Re and TAG Heuer.

Logitech, Curaprox Brasil and Bühler Group shared their journey how they achieved market leadership with Swiss premium products in Brazil, from mastering entry hurdles on an initially bumpy road to choosing the right go-to-market strategy. A clear vision and perseverance paid off for the three of them.

The event was attended by special guests such as the CEO, Dr. Simone Wyss Fedele, as well as the Member of the Executive committee, Thomas Foerst, both from the Switzerland Global Enterprise, who highlighted Switzerland’s commitment to strengthening its presence in Brazil.

In agreement, the Swiss Ambassador to Brazil, Pietro Lazzeri, emphasized the fact that Brazil is the most important partner of Switzerland in Latin America.

The panel discussion was mediated by the Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil, Hans Andreas Aebi and was attended by the CEO of Swissnex in Brazil, Malin Borg, the , President of SWISSCAM Câmara de Comércio Suíço-Brasileira, H. Philip Schneider, as well as Fabien Clerc on behalf of Switzerland Tourism.

If you are a Swiss company interested in stepping into the Brazilian market, follow the Swiss Business Hub Brazil and Switzerland Global Enterprise for good advice and a network of trusted experts.

Switzerland and Paraná expand partnership

The economic relations of Swiss companies in Paraná were the main topic of the meeting held this Monday, 28th, in Curitiba. Promoted by Swiss representations in Brazil, the agenda dealt with the growth prospects and investment plans of corporations, as well as the Swiss government’s actions to expand bilateral relations.

According to the Swiss Ambassador, Pietro Lazzeri, topics such as sustainability, innovation and infrastructure are among the priorities of the European country. To this extent, many Swiss companies can contribute to Paraná, which is one of the largest Swiss communities in Brazil.

He also highlighted that Brazil is the most important partner in Latin America in the economic and scientific range. Switzerland is among the top 10 investors in the country, with approximately 450 companies, generating more than 62,000 qualified jobs.

Regarding trade relations, exports to Switzerland have been increasing steadily. In 2021, there was an annual increase of more than 500% (cane sugars that were not exported in previous years) and the volume reached a value of R$ 860 million. Regarding imports from Switzerland, these have been constant in recent years. Last year, there was an annual increase of 13%, with a total amount of R$ 360 million. (orthopedic appliances, aluminum sheets, elevators and metal supplies).

The Swiss delegation included, in addition to the Swiss Ambassador, the Consul General in São Paulo, Pierre H., the Deputy Consul General in São Paulo, Michael Schweizer, the Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil, Hans Andreas Aebi, the CEO of Swissnex in Brazil, Malin Borg, the Swiss Embassy Counselor, Martin Eggenschwiler, the Honorary Consul in Curitiba, Manuela Merki, the Executive Director of SWISSCAM Câmara de Comércio Suíço-Brasileira, Mariana Badra and the Deputy Director of Swiss Business Hub Brazil, Letícia de Sena Caritá.

Swiss technologies are presented at FIEP

Also on the 28th, the same delegation attended the meeting that took place at the Federation of Industries of Paraná (FIEP), whose theme addressed Swiss technologies for sustainability.

The coordinator of FIEP’s environmental council, Miguel Rubens Tranin presented the main actions supported by the institution, such as the support for public policies, reverse logistics and biogas and biomethane.

The Swiss Ambassador to Brazil, Pietro Lazzeri, addressed bilateral relations and highlighted the importance of the sustainability issue. According to the diplomat, Switzerland has invested heavily in research and development so that new technologies bring balance between business and the environment. Those innovations, said Lazzeri, can contribute to Brazil’s goals in this area and increase the country’s competitiveness.

The Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil, Hans Andreas Aebi, demonstrated indicators that make it clear  the Swiss efforts to be a reference in innovation and technology, as well as to maintain an environment conducive to business competitiveness.

According to Aebi, Switzerland invests more than 3% of its GDP in R&D and currently has a network of 31 free trade agreements (FTAs), in addition to the EFTA Convention and the 1972 Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (EU). Featured technologies are robotics, drone, blockchain, artificial intelligence and personalized health. Thus, the key industries are engineering, computing and financial services.

The event also included the exhibition of Swiss companies with activities or units in Paraná, such as AQUA4D® 💧, First Climate, ANYbotics, Hitachi Energy and Swan do Brasil. These companies work with innovative solutions in energy, agriculture, water, infrastructure and carbon credit market.

Infrastructure projects in Paraná

The main infrastructure projects in Paraná were exhibited by members of the state government to the Swiss delegation, on March 29. At the same occasion, Swiss companies operating in the region highlighted their innovative products and services in the infrastructure segment.

The rail and road sectors in Paraná have business opportunities and partnerships. The New Paraná Highway Concessions Program, which will involve 3,300 kilometers of state and federal roads, plans to invest R$ 44 billion in the first years of the contract, including 1,700 kilometers of duplication. Regarding railways, Nova Ferroeste should expand the current route from 248 kilometers of railway lines to 1,304 kilometers of tracks.

Paraná also hosts Itaipu Binacional and it has arrangements for 10 construction projects that should reach R$ 1.3 billion. There is also the construction of the second bridge between Brazil and Paraguay, among others.

The details of the initiatives and opportunities were given by the State Department of Infrastructure, Companhia de Saneamento do Paraná – Sanepar, the Urban Research and Planning Institute of Curitiba (IPPUC), FIEP, Secretaria Municipal de Meio Ambiente and the ABREN – Associação Brasileira de Recuperação Energética de Resíduos. On behalf of Swiss companies presenting their activities were MATISA do Brasil, Sulzer and others.


Swiss night brings together companies and opinion leaders

The unification of a Brazilian company with a Swiss one formed one of the most important groups in the dental field. An innovative and sustainable success story of Neodent, leader in dental implants in Brazil, with Straumann Group, world leader in dental solutions.

The details of investment in innovation, sustainability and technology were shared at the event “Noite da inovação para a sustentabilidade”, at Neodent’s headquarters in #Curitiba, #Paraná.

Founded by Geninho Thomé, Neodent joined the Swiss group Straumann and, nowadays, is operating in more than 80 countries. According to the Neodent CEO, Matthias Schupp, after the two companies decided to join forces, the positive results are growing every year.

At the same event, two other Swiss companies operating in Brazil exhibited their activities in the Brazilian market. The reports were made by the director of Sulzer, Leandro Damico, and the CEO of Kuhn do Brasil, Nicolas Guillou.