Vocational Education and the Digital Transformation Journey at the Swiss-Brazilian Senai School

27/Nov/2023 - Associated - Escola Suíço-Brasileira de São Paulo

On October 25, 2023, Swiss and Brazilian companies met at the “Paulo Ernesto Tolle” Swiss-Brazilian SENAI School to learn about SENAI-SP’s offer of professional courses, its innovation institute and the support available to companies through of the Digital Transformation journey program.

GF Machining Solutions, Siemens and Savas (Brazilian representative of the Swiss companies Dec Group, Filtrox, hmh Systems and Rontech) presented important success stories with SENAI-SP and explained what motivated them to intensify their relationship with the entity in recent years. With this exhibition, it became clear that working together with SENAI-SP increases the technological and operational development of companies.
To work on positioning in Brazil in the medium and long term, training is key.

Vocational Education
Alongside a range of professional courses offered, there is also the possibility of designing courses according to the specific needs and appropriate to the reality of each company. These courses can be taken within SENAI-SP facilities, in companies or through the SENAI Online Education School. In addition, SENAI-SP provides mobile units, with technologies that can be mobilized for advanced and tailored services, according to the industry’s needs.
Using the physical, technological and pedagogical structure of SENAI-SP, Swiss companies and their suppliers in Brazil can be sure that they will have qualified labor and products that meet the needs of its customers.

Strategic partnerships with companies
Many companies, including Swiss ones, make available through lending and partnerships,
machines and equipment for SENAI-SP to use in its professional courses. This makes these machines even better known among a specialized audience as well as an industrial laboratory and a training space for the employees or customers of partner companies.

Research and development for the Brazilian market
SENAI-SP has a network of centers of excellence to support companies in research, development and innovation projects for industry, called SENAI Innovation Institutes. The network is made up of 26 institutes, each with specific skills to serve companies, which can seek support to adapt their products to the Brazilian market or even for the industrial development of new products or processes.

The SENAI Institute of Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing and Microfabrication is located at the Swiss-Brazilian SENAI School, whose main areas of competence are industrial design, mechanical systems projects, additive and subtractive manufacturing and metrology.

Swiss-Brazilian SENAI School as a focal point for companies
Since SENAI is a capillary institution throughout the national territory, with around 1027
units, physical and mobile, offering a wide range of courses and services for industry, it can be difficult for companies to identify which unit can offer the service or solution they are looking for, therefore, the Swiss-Brazilian SENAI School can and should be seen as a gateway to this world of business opportunities that includes Professional Education, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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