Brazil’s amazing potential for alternative energy sources

05/Apr/2018 - Associated, Environment -
Fleury, Coimbra & Rhomberg Advogados

Brazil’s energy demand will triple by 2050, according to the country’s Company for Energy Research (EPE). Latin America’s largest economy will have similar levels of energy consumption to the entire European Union. And that’s why the country is quickly changing its energy matrix.

Over the past few years, Brazil has gone from a country with an energy matrix almost exclusively based on hydroelectric dams to one that relies more heavily on alternative sources, notably wind and solar power. The latter has the biggest growth potential, as solar panels can provide energy not only to companies, but also to households.

A recent survey by consulting cabinet Accenture shows that 80% of Brazilians want to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy. Helping that trend is the fact that over the past decade, the price of photovoltaic products lowered by 80%. By 2030, the solar energy market should be worth over BRL 125bn.


Clean energy

Wind power potential

It’s been 17 years since Brazil last calculated its wind power potential. At the time in 2001, it was postulated that the country’s potential was 143 gigawatts. Recent projections, however, have elevated that figure six-fold to 880 gigawatts. The new study takes into account 100-meter high wind towers, rather than the 50-meter ones considered in previous research.

Brazil is fourth in the world in terms of potential to expand its installed capacity for wind power, trailing behind only the U.S., China, and Germany. The northeastern region of the country is particularly promising for its strong and constant winds.


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