Brazil Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approves open skies agreement with Switzerland

07/Dec/2019 - Economy -

The Foreign Relations Commission approved, on November 12, the Draft of Legislative Decree 634/2019, which ratifies the text of the open skies agreement between Brazil and Switzerland, signed in Brasilia, on 8 July 2013. The Draft went to the Plenary with an urgent request approved by the committee.

The aim of the agreement, according to the government, is to establish a legal framework for the air services operation between the two countries and is based on the so-called “open skies policy”, in which two nations relax the rules for commercial flights between both countries. Brazil has similar pacts with Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and the United States.

The agreement with Switzerland has 24 articles. The authorities appointed to implement the common rules are the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), by Brazil, and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, in Switzerland.

The text states that neither country can unilaterally limit the other party’s traffic volume, frequency, number of destinations or regularity of service, except for security reasons. Other points of the agreement are:

– The airlines of each country shall have the following rights: to fly over the territory of the other party without landing; make stops in the other party’s territory for non-commercial purposes; and make airport stops to board and disembark passengers and luggage;
– Each country shall in writing designate to the other party the airlines to operate the agreed services. Authorization may be revoked in specific situations, such as failures in regulatory control of the airline;
– Neither party should give preference to its own airlines over the companies of another party;
– Each country may request consultations on the operational safety standards applied by the counterparty in respect of aeronautical installations, flight crews, aircraft and aircraft operations. Aircraft may also be inspected;
– Each country, based on reciprocity, will exempt airlines from the other party operating international services from all duties and taxes on fuels, parts, engines and equipment in normal use. Shipboard provisions will also be exempted.

The rapporteur, Senator Esperidião Amin (PP-SC), was in favor of the project in all respects.

Source: Senate Agency