A number of factors, including our broad database, our member surveys, the experience gained along the way, the international background of our employees and good relationship with business and governmental entities, confers credibility to our work, which allows to act as an important channel and partner of choice for facilitating business between Brazil and Switzerland.

Do not hesitate to call us when facing difficult situations, even if your problem seems too complex or your request is out of the ordinary. Sometimes the solution is easier than you imagine. We thrive on solving problems, and we are glad to be of assistance in difficult times.

These services are also available for non-members upon payment of a fee.

Commercial inquiries

Some inquiries made to SWISSCAM include requests for specific information, such as statistical data, labor legislation, import duties levied on goods, and import/export legislation. We also answer inquiries about how to form partnerships, how to set up a company, etc.

Market Surveys

SWISSCAM carries out market surveys on different sectors and products, providing from a simple contact list to a thorough report on a specific industry.
For an estimate, write to [email protected] Our members can get discounts and free consulting depending on their membership status.


By analyzing our broad member database and the industries they represent, we can find the best partner to leverage your business.

Visit Planning

SWISSCAM supports Brazilian and Swiss executives who want to make more of their visits to one another’s countries.