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MooveChain SCR is a consulting and management firm specialized in Supply Chain and Logistics and Industrial Asset Management. We support companies through diagnosing and solutions for its supply chain, bringing more efficiency and productivity to the food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, retailers and supply chain services segments. MooveChain SCR also develops logistics feasibility studies, designs and manages new Distribution Centers implementation and/or any logistics solutions to your business.
Our experience and deep knowledge of the Brazilian and LatAm region market really brings significant results to your business! Contact us!


1.     Appropriate identification of the SCM stage and potential recommendation for adjustments and evolution into the SCS (Supply Chain Stages);

2.     Identification, recommendation for improvement and standardization of the process along the chain applying tools based on the Total Quality Management (TQM);

3.     Identification and solutions to solve problems of inventory unbalances and lack of goods  (back logs);

4.     Training teams with focus on each area and also macro view, knowledge and identification of their role in the SCM.

5.     Development of solutions and/or outsourced management of assets and reverse logistics based on SCEAM ¹;

6.     Development of methodology to improve customer satisfaction level appointed on NPS ²;

7.     Strategic analysis to elect the best modal to export to/from Brazil and region aligned with recognized business partners and best costs;

8.     Inventory counts, reconciliation and recommendations through action plans for problems-solving of un-accuracy;

9.     Outsourced management (3PL) of workteams in any area of SCM;

10.    Case study of lay-outs and operational flows design for DCs with focus on increasing operational productivity;


Companies where we already applied our experience: Coca-Cola, Unilever, McCain Foods, Chiesi Pharma, Glenmark Pharma, Brambles, Heineken, Mafra Group, Cremer Pharmaceuticals, Beckman Coulter, Terracotagres, Hexis Química (Hach Chemicals), TechnoGold and HealthLog.


Our experience and deep knowledge of the Brazilian market really brings significant results! Contacte us!


(1)   SCEAM: Strategic Concept of Efficient Asset Management

(2)   NPS: Net Promoter Score