Swiss business woman creates Kitesurfing project for executives in Brazil

03/jan/2019 - Associados -

Today, companies are increasingly thinking about the well-being of their employees. It is already known that in order to attract qualified employees and to encourage them, it is not enough to offer good salaries, it is also necessary to provide quality of life and a good working environment. Following this trend, the Swiss entrepreneur GĂ©raldine V. created the “MadOnKite”, an initiative that aims to bring together foreign executives to learn and practice kitesurfing on the paradisiacal beaches of CearĂĄ.

The goal is for companies to pay for the trip that lasts from 7 to 10 days and includes stay, food and transportation. According to GĂ©raldine, during the trip, executives will be able to know each other better, face challenges and discover new skills.

In addition to Kitesurfing classes, participants will have the opportunity to interact with the village community and learn about local initiatives, such as: “Terramar”, “Povo do Mar” and “VisĂŁo Mundial”, which help in environmental conservation and social inclusion of children. In addition, 6% of the money received by “MadOnKite” is destined to projects of charities in the area.

The Swiss business woman believes that the positive results of these experiences will be seen later at the workplace. GĂ©raldine says that the executives return to the office valuing the conviviality with their colleagues, recognizing their personal talents and satisfied with the benefit granted by the company.

Find out more about the services offered by “MadOnkite” on its website. You can see the prices, departure dates and schedule of each package. Packages are divided according to the level of knowledge in kitesurfing.