Become an exhibitor in the Swiss Pavilion at EXPOMAFE 2025

04/Jul/2024 - Pavilhão Suíço

The International Machine Tools and Industrial Automation Fair (EXPOMAFE) is a business-oriented event that facilitates networking, the promotion of content and knowledge, and the showcasing of the latest technologies and trends in machines and equipment, industrial automation, and other related fields.

In its last edition, the fair attracted over 55,000 visitors, with around 900 brands exhibiting in a 64,000 m² exhibition space. This consolidated the fair as the largest and most important event in the sector in Latin America.

The fair offers a wide range of products and services, including:

• Accessories: Devices and Components
• Quality Control: Integrated with Manufacturing and Measurement:
• Industrial Automation, Robotics, and Manufacturing Cell Integration
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment, Valves, Pumps and Compressors
• Equipment for Moving and Storage
• Hand and Cutting Tools
• Miscellaneous Machines and Equipment and Accessories for the metal-mechanical sector
• Machine tools


By participating with us, SWISSCAM will be responsible for providing all advisory services, from hiring the assembler to the catering service offered throughout the fair period. This allows the exhibiting company to focus on the presentation and sale of its products and services.

Furthermore, the Swiss Pavilion (a collective booth among companies) is a great opportunity for those who want to ensure that their company is well-positioned within the fair and presented under the umbrella of Switzerland, always a symbol of innovation and quality.

Industry Data:
According to a report of ABIMAQ, in 2023 net sales revenue from the machinery and equipment industry in Brazil was BRL 286 billion coming from a total of 8’568 companies (excluding service companies) that generated 385 thousand job posts. Also in 2023, BRL 10.9 billion was invested in this sector, an average of 3.8% of net revenue.

The sector plays an important role increasing productivity and therefore causing a positive impact in the economy. ABIMAQ estimates that for every BRL 1.00 of additional demand for machinery and equipment in Brazil, BRL 3.30 in production is generated in the country. If we consider an annual demand of almost BRL 286 billion in machinery and equipment, the result is BRL 943 billion in production generated in the economy, which absorbs almost 7 million in labor.


May 06th to May 10th, 2025

São Paulo Expo
Rodovia dos Imigrantes, s/n – Km, 1,5, São Paulo, SP

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