L’Or Vert Sàrl

Food, Agriculture

Rue des Pilettes 1
CH – 1700 Fribourg
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The choice of this name is due to the origin and form of cultivation of our products, “green gold” being organic, it is not just a coffee like any other, it has added value that makes it a unique jewel !!! From caring for the soil, water, the farmer, harvesting and processing, everything worked to not only be an unparalleled sensation when tasting our coffee, but to know that you had all the respect with your cultivation in an organic way to reach the tables one valuable coffee like gold !!!

It was a long process to reach the final product that is in your hands today: I sent a first batch to be improved, which went through many tests and analyzes, sensory evaluations, approvals until arriving at a final product that satisfies the requirements of a unique audience and exclusive, the Swiss.

Franciela Rissardo
Founder OR ’VERT