DataHow AG

FarmacĂȘutico - SaĂșde; IndĂșstria QuĂ­mica; IndĂșstria outros; Serviços - outros

ZĂŒrichstrasse 137
CH-8600 DĂŒbendorf
Tel 55 (11) 99798 9525

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DataHow AG is a spin-off company from ETH Zurich specialized in data analytics and process modeling for the process industry with a particular focus on the biopharmaceutical and chemical domains. We offer digital solutions and consulting for process screening, monitoring, optimization, control and scale-up. Our goal is to reduce the effort, risks and costs in process development and manufacturing as well as to gain deep understanding of the complex processes.

DataHow AG Ă© uma empresa spin-off da ETH Zurich especializada em anĂĄlise de dados e modelagem de processos para a indĂșstria de processos, com foco particular nas ĂĄreas biofarmacĂȘutica e quĂ­mica. Oferecemos soluçÔes digitais e consultoria para triagem, monitoramento, otimização, controle e aumento de escala de processos. Nosso objetivo Ă© reduzir o esforço, riscos e custos no desenvolvimento de processos e fabricação, bem como obter uma compreensĂŁo profunda dos processos complexos.


Michael Sokolov was delighted to give an interview about our company’s vision at the World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress in London.