Chief Executive Officer / Country Manager role


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Chief Executive Officer / Country Manager role
crafting a vision – building alignment – championing execution


Leader with a learner & growth mindset generating unprecedented growth and market develop- ment across LATAM for 20+ years.

Founded two subsidiaries (among them Straumann, medical devices and diagnostic equipment) as well as a scientific organization (ITI – in Brazil. Achieved market leadership, out- pacing global competitors, with 45% market share. Led local and remote teams of 170 associate to achieving double digit growth for 16 consecutive years.

M&A: Played an integral role in the acquisition of Brazilian market leader Neodent, increasing sales by $75M. Formulated and implemented the new go-to-market strategy and directed the ex- pansion across LATAM, with $100M sales (Brazil) respectively $40M (LATAM), opening hubs in Mexico, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

Extensive expertise in strategic planning, start-ups, M&A, leadership of subsidiaries, distributors and franchises. Implemented a digital workflow, enhancing customer experience and loyalty. De- veloped a high-performance culture with cohesive teams, established long-term partnerships, strategic alliances and improved corporate reputation.

Built on the inter-dependence of the ecosystem’s stakeholders (science, technology, medical pro- fessionals and KOL’s), supporting advanced education and engaging medical professionals.


Core competencies

• New Business Development

• Leadership, building cohesive teams

• Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy

• Coaching and talent development

• Strategic planning with entrepreneurial mindset

• Big picture when crafting a vision yet attention to detail in execution

• Strong research and analytical skills

• Collaboration and teamwork

• Full multi-site P&L ownership

• Excellent interpersonal Communication

• Negotiation skills and contract reviews

• Decisive yet inclusive


Career Summary


Victorinox, São Paulo, Brazil – Consumer products

Restructured the subsidiary and achieved significant market development, positioning the brand in the premium segment, leading a team of 45 associates and 20 free-lancers.

Key achievements

• 55% growth in e-commerce, implementing digital marketing campaigns: SEO, Google ads, programmatic media, social media and influencers.

• Built up the sales and marketing team, achieving double digit growth in retail, improving merchandising and focusing on marketing activities to enhance sell-out.

• Double digit growth in Corporate Business, implementing a new sales funnel.

• Increased market share watches, outpacing Tissot, partnering with retailers.

• Developed a cohesive Lead Team with clear roles and responsibilities, built on trust, commitment and accountability to achieve common goals.

• Opened a new distribution center, implemented a new ERP system and SOP’s. Increased efficiency and improved consumer rating for service and technical assistance to “excellent”.

• Directed the first Sales Conference, presenting the new business strategy.

• Accounting internalization: Developed a new finance team, increasing competencies. Conducted the first audit and solved past accounting and tax problems.


Straumann, São Paulo, Brazil – Medical Devices (global leader in dental implants)

Founded Straumann Brazil and the Brazilian ITI Section. Achieved market leadership in the premium segment (55% market share with Straumann) and in the total market (45% market share through the acquisition of Neodent). Played an integral role in the acquisition of the Brazilian industry leader Neodent with $75M in revenues, creating significant value for the Straumann Group.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer & Head of Sales LATAM 2000 – 2016

Led local and remote teams of 170 associates to achieving double digit growth for 16 consecutive years, representing Net Sales growth from zero to $100M (Brazil), respectively $40M (LATAM). Implemented a new business strategy and a digital workflow, enhancing customer experience and loyalty, building new partnerships and strategic alliances.

Key achievements (start-up phase)
• Developed talent and built a strong cross-functional team, centered on staff engagement, through crafting a vision, building alignment and championing execution.

• Developed a cohesive Lead Team, inspiring purpose, trust, commitment and accountability.

• Participated in fairs, enhancing engagement and training of medical professionals.

• Founded and led the Brazilian scientific ITI organization (, which gained status as the country’s most influential association in implant dentistry, consisting of 1.500+ members.

• Identified KOL’s and organized Study Clubs developing a large network of engaged dental professionals.

• Obtained and maintained product registrations and sanitary licenses.

Key achievements (growth phase)
• Consistently outperformed global competitors, increasing sales from zero to 100.000+ implants (organic growth with Straumann) respectively 1M implants (non-organic growth with Neodent).

• Investment in coaching and training of Lead Team paid off.

• Conducted market surveys that led to a new strategy, addressing competitive and changing market dynamics.

• Supported over 120 post graduation courses in Universities and Dental Associations.

• Organized conferences with international keynote speakers attended by 1.000+ participants.

• Implemented the digital workflow, launching diagnostic and CAD/CAM equipment, reducing treatment time while improving collaboration between surgeons, GP’s and laboratories, enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

Key achievements (M&A phase)
• Identified M&A targets and coordinated the acquisition process among the stake holders.

• Participated in the negotiation, due diligence process and incorporated sales and marketing departments.

• The successful acquisition of the Brazilian market leader Neodent created a major global competitive advantage, additional revenues, savings in OPEX and taxes, while enhancing customer experience.

• Formulated and implemented the new go-to-market strategy for LATAM region.

• Achieved double digit growth rates, directing the expansion across LATAM, leading cross-functional teams, opening hubs in Mexico, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

• Directed the first LATAM congress in Bogotá.

• Compliance: Recognized as one of the first subsidiaries to establish SOP’s.


Bally, São Paulo, Brazil – Luxury footwear

Founded Bally Brazil, the regional hub in Latin America. Coordinated the opening of a flagship store and 10 luxury franchise stores, ensuring full alignment among teams and stakeholders.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 1996 – 2000
Implemented a new go-to-market and marketing strategy in Latin America. Defined objectives and KPIs. Strategic planning, Sales management, merchandising with full P&L responsibility. Developed remote teams in different countries.

Key achievements
• Increased Net Sales from zero to $12M+.
• The Brazilian stores ranked #4 and #12 among 250 stores worldwide (sales/m2).
• Developed the group’s first Franchise Manual.
• Organized the group’s first Franchise Conference in New York.
• Directed the grand opening of São Paulo stores with 1.000+ participants.

Sales Director LATAM Bally Switzerland and USA               1994 – 1996
Assistant Sales Manager Bally Switzerland                            1990 – 1993
Logistic Coordinator Bally Switzerland                                  1984 – 1990


Education & Credentials

Master’s degree in Marketing               Handelsschule, Aarau, Switzerland                                             1992 – 1994

Business Administration                     Kaufmännische Berufsschule, Olten, Switzerland                      1981 – 1984


Professional Development

Work of Leaders                                                        John Wiley & Sons
Becoming a cohesive team                                      Pierre Salamon
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Presentation techniques                                          Teacher’s conference
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The 7 habits of highly effective people                 Franklin Covey


German, english, portuguese, spanish and french.