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As David Ogilvy said “The essence of strategy is sacrifice”. When resources are scarce, and they always are, we must be able to focus energy on efforts that will create long term results. As an experienced strategist I make a company’s goals sharp and clear. And help them being reached through often inconspicuous and hard but necessary choices.


Fundação Getúlio Vargas | Business Administration BA | 2001

Escola Suíço Brasileira de São Paulo | 1997


Account Planning Director | DPZ&T | São Paulo | 2019 – 2020

I was the planning director for brands like Mentos, Fruit-tella, Luxottica and Red Bull. But most of the energy was directed to Itaú, Latin America’s largest private bank. A client with almost no budget restrictions has to make fewer sacrifices, leading to very complex media mixes and message distribution. Along with traditional planning work, my team’s role was to identify people’s receptivity level of each touchpoint to create effective communication funnels.

Head of Planning | Iris Worldwide | São Paulo | 2018 – 2019

Iris is known for its digital work, usually serving as a second agency for brands. To catch up on a global trend that is transferring digital advertising to Agencies of Record, Iris needed to develop Above The Line advertising competences to become a full-service agency. I was brought in to connect the on and offline strategies of their clients. One of the most important work was a mindset transformation for Tupperware Brazil that led to a complete review of their media investment making it more effective.

Account Planning Director | FCB Brasil | São Paulo | 2015 – 2018

I joined the agency to bring digital competencies to FCB’s brand planning team and to promote integrated work between planning and the media department. This led to better investments and generated better results for both clients and agency. Specially for the growth and price margin for SKY TV when I split brand and product advertising into interlocking strategies. Other clients were Mondelez (Oreo and TUC), Smiles (loyalty program) and Whirlpool (Brastemp and Consul).

Planning Freelancer | Mesa & Cadeira | São Paulo | 2014

Mesa & Cadeira is a prototyping company that assembles multidisciplinary teams to work on a well defined brief during a week and prototype a solution. It was my job to reduce the problem to its essence to create focus, bring in the right skilled people and lead them through the process of getting to a solution using Design Thinking and Sprint principles.

Account Planning Manager | Wieden + Kennedy | São Paulo | 2010 – 2014

I was the third person to join the agency in Brazil, helping to structure it and making it grow from a team of 15 people to a full agency of almost 200 employees. I was also responsible for planning and delivering integrated campaigns for clients such as Heineken, Nike, Smirnoff and Tiffany. I excelled at channel planning, which demands a comprehensive view on the consumer’s journey.

Project Manager and Digital Planning | F/Nazca S & S | São Paulo | 2008 – 2010

I worked exclusively for Nike, managing the digital content team, local projects and global campaign spin offs. I worked closely to global partners like R/GA and AKQA during integrated campaigns like the World Cup. Created the strategy to build efficient online channels to boost the brand’s content distribution.

Freelance Project Manager | Neogama BBH | São Paulo | 2008

I managed the design team, programming and launch campaign of the first iPhone App for a brand in Brazil (Bradesco Seguro Auto).

Intern, assistant | Agencies and production companies | São Paulo | 2001 – 2007

I won’t bore you with the first years of my professional life. I did nothing excepcional, except verifying early on, through every bit of data I had access to, wether the strategies I was involved with produced relevant results. Most didn’t and this motivated me to get constantly better at what I do.


English | Fluent
German | Fluent
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French | Intermediate